Comical Characters
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Talking Melon Centerpiece

This unique talking centerpiece will startle unsuspecting guests and then muse them with his variety of "Corney" jokes.  Perfect for early morning breakfast meetings, corporate 10:30am 'Wake-em-up" Breaks, and anywhere else buffet food is served.

Your guests will never forget this outrageous comical performance by Nick Tarr.

"I went to the doctor, he said I'd be a vegetable the rest of my life!!!   The only person I fear is Gallagher."

The MaD mAD MAd Hatter:

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This was a customized 'Space Alien' character called Zordok.

I do custom characters all the time!

Another custom character "Mr. Guru".


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I have been doing mime for 17 years.  Please somebody kill me.

I do not irritate and antagonize guests, as some mimes are known for.  My character is light-hearted, brings the dance of life, and sweet energy, wherever he goes!

Great for walk around, meet and greet, presentations on and off stage, and the normal general use of a mime.

Here is something you might hear from  my mime character:   "                             "

As with my stand-up comedy routine, my characters range from G-Rating to an R-Rating. I customize my performances per client requests. (sorry no XXX, I m not that pretty down under).


If you are looking for Entertainment that will make you laugh or add that special ambiance at your next event, give me a call and lets do lunch on the phone.  Prices vary depending on each special event.   Please call for quotes.

Advanced bookings are better for both of us, but I do last minute gigs as well.   I live in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.   If you have any questions, feel free to call.   The more information I get from you, the better I can respond back. 


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Goldie Silverman, Jewish Mother

Everyone loves the stereo-typical Jewish mother, and Goldie Silverman presents that loud and clear.  Busting into a room, taking control, ordering people around, as if they worked for her, and complaining about not enough cream in her coffee...  and WHERE did you get this sugar!

With loud gaudy costumes, over accessorizing (even more than any drag queen would be caught in public with), and props from her Miami bag, she will entertain, educate, give motherly advice, and work the last good nerves of the host.

"Hello, Goldie here.  Don't get up for me... not that you would!   I know what part of the country you come from.   You can't help the way you were raised.  Sweetie can I get some more Chablis over here?!  And don't skimp, it's not like it's comin out of your pocket.   And by the way....."

This character is received well at Barmitzvahs, birthday parties, trade shows, and has yet to have any negative overtones, after the performance is completed...  people LOVE her!


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"Woodie" a groovy 60's hippie

This character right out of the 'Odd Squad', brings the flair of the 60's and 70's to the new millennium.  Great for Mardi Gras scenes, Wood Stock events, and any general use of a 'Wild', 'Cool' Character.

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"Chester the Jester"

Available in full white face, or very light makeup.  Unlike the mime, Chester talks, and gets his point across very eloquently.  Entering your arena blowing bubbles and skipping to a tune that only he can hear, he will bring the colour of the Royal Entourage with him!

Not your typical Renaissance Jester, more of a contemporary jester.  And he's Nobody's fool!

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Nick Tarr's Version of "Old Saint Nick"

Does Santa look out of place in the desert??   Wait till he gets to your party!  Nick has long since stopped doing the traditional Santa Clause, and does the ex-postal worker, disgruntled employee, alcoholic, frisky old man version.

"Hey little girl, wanna see Santa's candy cane?  Listen, we all know the Reindeer lie, just like those damn Sheep in Montana!"

"Bartender!   Something's wrong with my drink.   It's Empty!!"

Although this character can be toned down if small children, or people who are easily offended are in attendance, this Naughty Santa is NOT nice and is primarily for adults only.  Great for any holiday event, even for summer time functions!!   (I don't do Malls or windows!)

At corporate and private events this routine, which I call 'The Full Monty', seems to go over very well.

I pick five men from the audience, and dress them in wild zebra and leopard print silk boxers, white undershirts, mechanics pants and shirts, Blues-Brothers hats and glasses, and choir robes!

Then once the music starts, they strip down, to what you can see above!

A Gauranteed laugh every time!

"Smart Alec Trebek" at computer trade show 'Comdex' in Las Vegas for Microtest Inc..

A successfull cowboy character for childrens events, "Lucky Blue".

Nick Tarr as "Lewey Luau" performing magic at a kids party.
(Thanks to
Dan Harkins and his wonderful family for these two photos)

Nick Tarr playing a Seargent for a corporate meeting.

Nick Tarr as Zordok the space alien host with the most, at the Wigwam Hotel, Litchfield Arizona.

Nick Tarr's character called
'The Soda Jerk'.
You'll get no service from him, cause he's a Jerk!

Look to 'Nicks scrap book' for other Comical Characters!!