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Comical Drag-o-grams
Embarrass and surprise your friends for their next birthday party.
Choose from a wide range of characters:
Jewish Mother
Go-Go Girl
Pre-Op Tranny
Southern Diva

Below are a series of pictures to give you an idea of my potential.

People have used these characters for Corporate Mixers, Telegrams, Roasts, Baby Showers, Bachelorette parties and more!!

DRAG! It's not just for Breakfast anymore

(Click to enlarge):

(Click to enlarge):
Nick Tarr Performing in Oklahoma City
at the "Copa".



"Hotel Hooker" (does he own KFC?!)

Ex-Gay scorned lover

Great for shock comedy.

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Have you ever seen the movie 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'?


It happened to me! While performing on a tour bus, travelling through the desert, we broke down! While I was dressed like this!

Do you know how hard it is to hitch a ride into town when you look like this?!



(click on image, for larger picture)

  I give 'till it hurts!
Why do people keep signing me up for this?!

Click on this to make larger, then laugh your ___ off!

I was requested to be a pre-op transexual! I laugh everytime I see this photo! It reminds me of Tootsie. I like the secretary at the bar after working hours image above.


An embarassment-o-gram for Phoenix New Times Publication. Then I went to a biker bar! Everyone seems to like the hat.

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Clinton's Next intern.   Hired by Hillary.