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You can tell alot from a photo.  When I impersonate someone, I look, sound, and act like the original entertainer.  I don't just stand and model.

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Nick Tarr's impersonation of Dana Carvey's
"The Church Lady"
as seen on Saturday Night Live

This character is utilized for walk around entertainment, roasting, trade shows and stand-up comedy format in a corporate or private setting.  An example of how this character can be used would be, someone turning 40 or 50, and having the church lady get personal information, and harass the person in an entertaining, accusing, light hearted way.

There's nothing more funny than seeing the Church Lady lipsinc: "I want your sex" for the birthday guest and flashing her zebra underwear at the audience!!

This character goes from G-Rated to R-Rated.

As with my stand-up comedy routine, my characters range from G-Rating to an R-Rating. I customize my performances per client requests. (sorry no XXX, I m not that pretty down under).

If you are looking for Entertainment that will make you laugh or add that special ambiance at your next event, give me a call and lets do lunch on the phone.  Prices vary depending on each special event.   Please call for quotes.

Advanced bookings are better for both of us, but I do last minute gigs as well.   I live in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.   If you have any questions, feel free to call.   The more information I get from you, the better I can respond back. 

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"Pee-Wee Herman"

This character is good for Adult walk-around, celebrity look-alikes, as well as meeting interruptions.  Liven up your next party with the man who became famous for watching to many pornos!!!

(I used to do alot of kids parties as Pee-Wee, but not since PEE-WEE did Pee-Wee!)

Call for more usability of this character.  Like the original Pee-Wee, this is a very loud, strong, animated performance.

"I know you are, but what am I...   infinity."

Customized impersonations are available, depending on the character.   My thoughts on impersonations are as follows:  1) Authentic look, which includes props costume and make-up, 2) voice impersonation, it's imperative for me, that I sound like the person I'm impersonating, and 3) mimicking their mannerisms correctly will guarantee that I can offer a true illusion of being that person.

If I can not accomplish all three of these, I will not attempt to impersonate someone.  This assures a client, that what they pay for, is what they're going to get.  And with any entertaining that I do, being on time, and early is a
Nick Tarr standard. 

Please continue on to see other impersonations.

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Nick Tarr's impersonation of
Father Guido Sarduchi
as seen on Saturday Night Live

Father Guido works well with walk around atmosphere entertainment, theme parties, and corporate trade shows, as well as many other special events.

This white collar worker will bring back memories of the real father Guido, along with Nick's own brand of new comedy stylings.

"Go to Church, or go to Hell.  Deal with it..."


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  Harpo Marx

This beloved classic master of comedy will entertain your guests for theme parties, corporate trade shows, and many other events that need comical ambiance.  A great crowd pleaser for larger audiences or pre-show entertainment.

Also available is Nick Tarr's impersonation of Groucho Marx.  (Snapshot photos below.)


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Groucho Marx

This classic comic is great for office appreciations and pick-me-ups, theme parties, classic comic Holly Wood parties, and party pazzzaz at professional gatherings.   Works great with other entertainers.

As with any character, once on location, I stay IN character until I leave.  As should ANY good entertainer.  If you're not getting this kind of quality, YOU need to contact Nick Tarr for excellent variety comedy entertainment that's funny and bizarre, yet crowd pleasing.

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Laurel and Hardy

These legends of comedy from the silver screen, add a touch of class to any event.  Entertaining audiences both young and old, Nick Tarr's impersonation of Stan Laurel gets rave reviews.

If crowd pleasing entertainment with comical overtones is what you're looking for, these two comedians are what you need.   Available for travel world-wide.

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Charlie Chaplin

Nick Tarr as... you guessed it!
"Austin Powers"!!
Great for introducing speakers and 'meet and greet' as a party mixer!

"I'm impersonating 'Austin Powers' baby, and it freaks me out!"

"International Man of Mystery" with a dangerous assassin right behind!

PeeWee Herman

I impersonated PeeWee Herman for at least seven years, until the whole Saratoga, Florida thing. Since then, I have only done PeeWee about four times. I miss the character, I had lots of fun with it. I think how the media crucified Paul Rubens was intolerable.

I was in costume doing PeeWee Herman, in San Francisco at the Embassy Suites Hotel, when a woman told me to look up on the big screen TV. That's where I saw CNN... and that's when I knew I should not have bought a new PeeWee Herman suite!

I say we should have no 'Sex' police!

Richard Simmons

This character has lots of high energy and seems to be well received by Corporate America and meeting planners. It's interesting that even though it's a flamboyantly gay character, as long as you don't say anything... it's 'OK' for America. Come on Richard! Get out of the Closet! And for Gods sake, get some new clothes! I'm tired of impersonating you wearing these...

I think all the people that Richard Simmons has helped is fantastic. He has my vote for 'Fabu Fitness Guru'! The only thing I don't like about him is the hair. It reminds me of me when I was in High School... Not Pretty!
(see picture below)