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My mom. She's nobodies biker bitch.

My brother Danny, and his son.

Sheba and Goldie... true love!

Goldie and Sheba check their pee-mail.

I am Goldie Karesh! I am the Dividian Dog Cult leader... Serve in my cult, worship at my dog bowl!

... see! I float! I can rise!!! Dogs can fly, follow me! Follow me! arff arff arff bark bark bark, damn that voice modulator! I never should have got it from Radio Shack.

I'm sorry for trying to be a cult leader! Please don't ever shave me again...

I never even joined a cult. Why did you shave me! I had long beautiful hair! Now I look like a chiwawa! (And why am I getting a craving for a taco?? Yo Quiero Taco Bell! )

Goldie takes after Nick. He micro-manages everything. Even the construction of his dog house.

Agent Dog
"yea ok, that's fine... ah ha" (On Jerry Springer.....) click..... (Here on CNN, we're showing...) click..... "listen. I want my master to get good wages. I'm tired of this purina stuff. NO! YOU LISTEN TO ME!!! I'll come over there and chew your ass off!! Twenty percent, my tail!"

"Oh! I gotta go. Nick's home!"

Sheba Born 1993 Died Jan. 2005

Goldie MacGoldenburger Born 1994 Died Feb. 2006

Be gentle. It's our first time.

Be gentle. It's my first time.


My God-son, and best friend's child, who means the world to me, and is such a bundle of life. Our time together is more precious than gold. I love little Shane. Or is it Sean. No, Shane. No... um. Shamus, no no no, I'm sure of it now. It's Shane.

Nick with a fem-fetal. An old room-mate. A dangerous lover. A Jesabelle, A vixen, someone who thought she could get away without paying the rent by selling herself, one of those women you can never trust with your handbag. No.... wait a second! that's me I was describing!!!
This is Melissa, she was a doll of a room-mate.


A day at the beach.

Nick, Zane and... some lady!

Nick and Zane,
Made for Hollywood!

Nick and Zane on New Years Eve 2002,
in Santa Barbara.

For Brian:

I was going thru some old photos and saw this one. I was in New Jersey a few years back for a trade show meeting and had never been to NY. A friend offered to take me around and show me a few things after he got off work.
There was not enough time to see everything. I am not a New Yorker and am not sure where this photo was taken. (I do remember all I could see of the Statue of Liberty ,from where this photo was taken, was the back.)

I have been directly affected by the attack on our great Country both emotionally and financially with entertainment bookings canceling. This photo was taken just as you see it now. I wanted to add this to the home page of my web site as sort of my way of spreading hope. The fact that this photo shows me sitting on a barricade that had the word "Liberty" printed on it and directly behind me the WTC towers are standing tall made me really think.

I am very privileged to have been born in this country. As an adult,I may not have become everything I thought I would when I was a child but I was always given the hope that the dream was out there and waiting for me to believe it.
I am offering this simple photo as hope to all of you. Remember that before these two great buildings were built ........there was a vision. More than ever we need to keep that vision before us and NOT LET ANYONE TRY TO CRUSH OUR DREAMS BECAUSE THEIR MINDS ARE ONLY ABLE TO HAVE NIGHTMARES!
We will go on. We will face our fears and stand strongly up to them. And we will keep giving that same chance of hope to our children that we were raised with.

On a more personal note. My friend in Houston ,Texas had a brother who was on one of the top floors of the second tower when it was hit. My eyes filled with tears as I read his letter. His brothers wife told my friend of how she was speaking to him when he died. His brother was on the phone with her explaining that there was too much fire to go down and that the roof top exit was lock. His last words were
"I love you". Then his wife heard a loud noise, the phone line went dead as she watched with her own eyes the collapse of the second tower on TV. My friend wrote "it is one thing to lose a loved one tragically, it is an unthinkable tourcher to have it replayed on TV over and over."
This photo is dedicated to Brian and all those who have lost a loved one on that day. Remember them as they were. Let the rest of us never forget.

 I want to thank my talented and handsome friend, Greg Voight, for all of his Gratis help in creating and developing this web site. Without him, I would just be a homeless comic on the street... ugly, pennyless, and with a five o'clock shadow like Janet Reno. Thanks Greg!!

(Nick asked me to add a comment here, then started to actually DICTATE my comments! He is a lovely person, he's not ugly, or pennyless. But he does have a five o'clock shadow, and a tendancy to micro-manage. I've enjoyed my time with Nick developing this site, and also have enjoyed my long years of marvelous friendship with him. This is no lie, he's a true comic genius, we try to invite him over as much as possible, just so our get togethers have color, comedy and energy! Thank YOU nick. Greg.) 

Comics and Colleges

This is one of my dearest comic friends...
despite the fact that she has TWO Left arms!