"Your comic routine just after dinner was absolutely hilarious! People were falling out of their chairs from laughing so hard. Also, your ability to adjust your material to our organizational events was brilliant. Your many jokes about the changing of our directorship positions and bowling in general provided the personal touch that made your routine so great. To cap it off, your imitation of the church lady dancing and singing around our new directors had everyone in stitches.

We have received many compliments on your performance since then. Many said that it was the best IGBO banquet entertainment they have ever seen. That’s quite a testament to your natural ability as a comic.

I do hope our paths cross again and that others have the chance to someday witness your comic brilliance."




An email to The Comedy Spot

The Comedy show seemed to start a little slow, but Nick Tarr's performance made it all worth while! He was absolutely HILARIOUS!!! I had not heard of him before (in fact my partner and I made small talk with him outside before the show), but I can't remember when I have laughed so hard!!!

He was an absolute riot and I would pay double to see him again!!! If you plan on bringing him back anytime in the future, I hope I am still on your email list, as we have recruited a "crew" of people who are now dying to see him. I'm sure you don't rebook the same people right away, but he was an excellent choice for that night and I hope you will bring him back in the future.

Thank you again for your show of support for our community and I will be seeing you again soon...."

Warm regards,

Lana H.


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