B-Day Roasts
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Nick Tarr gets personal information about the guest of honor and spins it into a one-hour customized comedy show that you will NEVER forget! His most popular character is his version of The Church Lady, but as you can tell by the photos below he is NOT limited in characters. He has taken his Embarrass-O-Grams and Comical Drag to create an unforgettable experience.

If you're looking for something your friends will never forget, and THANK YOU for Years to come... hire Nick Tarr for your next event.

Below are photos of some of these roasts and Embarrass-O-Grams.
(Look also at the faces of the audience)

Payback by co-workers after he hired ME to roast THEM


Part of my 1-hour roast is I do musical numbers.
Here you can see some brave volunteers doing 'The Full Monty' Dance.
A Comical Mock-strip.

A normal one-hour show consists of Roasting the Guest of Honor in a "This is your life" style. Lip-syncing "I Want Your Sex" a mock strip tease, incorporating a group dance to "Girls just want to have fun" or his popular version "The Full Monty" where he takes five men from the audience changes their wardrobe to mechanic shirt and pants, silk boxers, undershirt, choir robe, blues brothers hats and glasses, and lets them perform a mock strip leaving nothing but fall to the ground laughter and non-stop flashes from people's cameras.


Here I am lip-syncing 'I Want Your Sex' for a man turning 40.

Embarass-O-Gram at work. Wells Fargo Bank

Goldie Silverman at a mans 50th birthday.

Putting Businessmen in their place

We only roast the ones we love!

"Nice ASS Church Lady!"
The Queen of England. She's a saucy little minx.

Fourth of July party

Carmen Miranda... A Classic.

It's best to call in advance to check the availability of your event.

I can pencil you in. Or hold your date with a 50 cent non-refundable deposit.

I am well worth the money!

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