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Nick Tarr's Commercial agent is Dani Green
all media, all reproduction of Nick Tarr's image must go through the Dani Green Agency.
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Do you remember what you did two years ago on Tuesday, at one o'clock in the afternoon? Probably not... Neither do I. Most likely you were at work. Did you take photos of what you were doing on the job??? Ya know what? Neither did I.

I do entertainment for a living, so for me, a booking is a booking... then it's on to the next gig.

It's only recently that I've actually started collecting the print work of jobs that I have completed, and started gathering photos of being on the sets of TV shoots, film, radio, etc.

Here's a sampling of some of the print work, and on location photos that I've collected for this site.

Arizona Lottery "Win Cash for life" promotion. Statewide distribution.

This was a full media state wide ad campaign where I played 'Joe Arizona', an average Arizonan.

My responsibilities as the coalition's spokesperson included Television, radio, print ads, live interviews, talk shows, press-conferences and public-appearances.

One highlight was being on CNN Worldwide.


Update: November 2011 - Nick is still standing his ground as 'Joe Arizona'!!

Still more articles are runnning!
"Racetracks Run Odd Campaign"

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that Nick Tarr was spokesperson for:

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When you're a public figure...
you're a public target:


This was a wonderful enlightening experience for me, with many new challenges. In the future I will be putting together a special gallery of experiences, and showing more media coverage and behind the scene stories.

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$300 Million for AZ, 60 seconds:
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30 Second 201 TV Ad:
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Secrets :
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Joe Arizona Radio Spoof! (They love me!!!)
Click here to hear it!

SRP-Powerful Solutions Energy saver / Statewide

(Click on picture below, for full size article):

Arizona Lottery Work

A billboard that ran for two years statewide in Arizona (below right), for the Arizona Lotto Powerball promotion. (my friend said he was driving by one day, towards the end of the promotion, and said, "Nick, I saw them scraping your face off a billboard today!" Fame... it's such a fleeting moment.)

The 'Joker's Wild Campaign' (right), was my first big 'print' job! The frustrating part, is everytime I went into a convenience store, nobody believed it was me. Fortunately, I was not vain enough to wear the costume everywhere I went... but it was tempting.

'Win cash for life' (left) was in interesting experience as an actor. We've all defiled somebody's face, at some point or another, by putting a mustache on a girl in a magazine, or giving her horns... but it's so different when you're on the receiving end, walking into a dirty Exxon, and now YOUR face is defiled! I felt violated!!!

I would like to thank the Arizona Lottery, and Dani's Agency, for providing me with so much work.

Here is a sample of Nick's audio 'demo' clip.

I finally made it on the cover of a magazine! Of course, once again, nobody could tell it was me! Damn that makeup. "What's wrong with my face? Why do they keep wanting to cover it up?!?!"

Press release from V Magazine
(to read this press release, click on photo)

Print work for hand modeling

(there's nothing like getting $85 for a good hand job!)

Bear Essential News for Kids Magazine.

I was the on-air personality for the FOX 15 Kids Club. During morning and afternoon cartoon segments, I was their 'host-with-the-most'...

On a weekly basis, I could be seen between 80 and 100 times a week.

Motorola Print Ad

For those people who are not in 'print' industry, I thought you might enjoy seeing the process I go through with photographers to create the advertising image above. This is a Polaroid taken prior to the photo shoot. The end result is this Motorola Ad.

Kroy office products, your image is our business ad


(Click on image for larger picture):

Production Stills from
"Joe Arizona"

(Click on image for larger picture):

Actors Rick Schroder and Nick Tarr meet up at a press conference to support a bill that would hopefully bring more film work to Arizona. Feb. 15th, 2005

Featured in 'The Black Book'. Photographer: Tim Pinal

On the set of 'Safety Scouts'.


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